We provide tax representation services and will be your voice with the IRS.  This includes the filing of unfiled returns, amending tax returns and ensuring that you pay no more than the minimum required taxes due on your account.  We offer electronic filing for our customers, including EFTPS.  If you have a levy on your money (bank levy, wage levy or accounts receivables), allow us to work toward eliminating enforced collections.   We establish installment agreements, handle CNC (Currently Not Collectible) issues, represent you regarding Liens, as well as siezure and sale of property.  Tax Services in Murfreesboro & Nation-wide.  Need a 1040ez filed?  Call us today.

Tax Representation

We will work on your issues with the IRS.  This includes establishing Installment Agreements, release of levies, tax forgiveness, facilitating lien releases, penalty abatements, payroll deduction agreements, short-term agreements, and assist with financial statements.  We will traverse the complicated roadways of the IRS for you while keeping you updated.


Bookkeeping Services offered at reasonable pricing.  We specialize in Sole Proprietors.  Call today for a free quote.

Tax Return Filing

We offer affordable tax return preparation for our customers.  After completing the returns, we maintain them for you so that it is available for any issues that may arise.  We have access to electronic data from the IRS to minimize delays in preparing current returns, amended returns and/or delinquent returns.

ERO - Electronic Filing

We can file your return in paper form or electronically. Electronic filing will secure your refund faster and safer by allowing automatic deposit to your account.  With electronic filing, you get fast comfirmation that your return has been received and being processed.  This reduces the chances of errors or lost/missing returns.  No need to worry about your tax return possibly getting lost in the mail or received by the IRS but missplaced.  Electronic filing places your return directly into the computer system of the IRS.

Pricing and Additional Services

1040 pkg ---------------------------------------------------$200.00


         All packages include free electronic filing.


Tax Representation & Tax Preparation